Awards & Honors

Distinguished Leader Award 2019 Recipient- 1 of 28 students chosen from the Denison Class of 2019

Denison University Office of Student Development

Keith Boone Senior Award: Outstanding Contributions to the Music and Fine Arts at Denison

Denison University Music Department 2019

First Place, Upper College Musical Theatre

National Association Teachers of Singing

Great Lakes Region Voice Competition 2018

Nominated “Best Supporting Actress in a Musical”
Ohio Theatre Roundtable Awards 2018

Nominated “Best Supporting Actress in a Musical”
Broadway World Columbus 2017

National Semi-Finalist, Lower College Musical Theatre- 1 of 14 singers chosen from national submission
National Association Teachers of Singing

National Voice Competition 2017

Recipient of Mary G. and G. Harold Osborne Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship

Denison University Theatre Department 2016, 2017, 2018

Reviews & Recognition

"Andrews- Smith appreciates talent, enthusiasm and a good work ethic. 'Meg is an exceptional singer/actor/dancer and guiding her has enriched my life in so many ways. I have had the great privilege of directing her in Singer’s Theatre for four years and I can’t wait to see her on the Broadway stage someday.'"

-Denison University Publications (2018)

"Odell captures the passion and hurt of college-aged Allison, who, to the chagrin of her parents, discovers who she is and "jumps out of the closet" and into a relationship with Joan."

-Broadway World (2017)

"As college-aged Medium Alison, Meg Odell sparks empathy and laughter with her intensity of passion and self-doubt. Odell shines in one of the funniest scenes, also an exhilarating song (“Changing My Major”), as Alison connects with Joan... at Oberlin College. Odell’s kaleidoscopic cascade of feelings and newfound self-awareness is endearing."

- The Columbus Dispatch (2017)

"...the singing throughout the cast is first-rate with Jacob L. Smith and Odell particularly standing out."

-The Sacramento Bee (2014)

"...Odell soars with blistering comic timing and an empathy that echoes both Alison’s parents."

-The Columbus Underground (2017)

"Meg Odell has two graceful turns as Belle, Ebenezer's lost love, and the dutiful young Martha Cratchit."

- The Sacramento Bee (2012)