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I'm Megan. and I want to transform the way our national and local public education systems function.

I am a musical theatre performer turned K-12 educator- who woulda THUNK? Originally from Sacramento, CA, I have been living and working right outside of Atlanta, GA, since 2019. This fall, I will begin my first Montessori teaching position as an “Upper Elementary Guide” with Acton Academy at Serenbe.

After pursuing musical theatre all through college and working as a full-time actor at Serenbe Playhouse in 2019-2020, I unexpectedly discovered that theatre does not fulfill me as much as education and advocacy do- thus, began my rollercoaster ride of starting a new career path from scratch...


I am deeply passionate about expanding access to innovative education for all communities and identities. After beginning my graduate program next fall, I will continue to explore “teaching” and “school” as traditional concepts in need of some fresh ideas and creative approaches! Eventually, I hope to shift into policy design and advocacy in order to help build a more inclusive, innovative, and abolitionist K-12 public education system. I believe through introducing peer mentorship, design thinking, and civic dialogue to children at an early age, we can build generations of innovative problem-solvers, brave leaders, and empathetic community members.


This upcoming year, I will investigate how to empower students in their learning processes through a Montessori pedagogy and setting. I am also in the midst of applying to a handful of California-based graduate programs in Social Justice/ Urban Education, and Innovative Teaching. Interested in collaborating on a project? Email me at megmacodell@gmail.com and I’ll get in touch!

Click around to see my examples of my work, links to both my artist and teaching resumes, and an easy form for contacting me! Let's work together and create something amazing.


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Virtual K-12 Tutoring through Time4HomeSchool
I offer INDIVIDUALIZED, HANDS-ON, and GLOBALLY-MINDED Instruction that enriches core subjects and expertly works with all abilities. This is virtually done through Time4Homeschool, a learning center based in ATL. Click RSVP to register/ learn more!

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