Megan McCarthy Odell

Artist and Educator, Fighting for Inclusivity and Empowerment in Every Space

Hi There, World!

I'm Megan.

I am a Sacramento-born Educator and Theatre Maker. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, I work as a virtual Kindergarten and 5th Grade teacher, as well as a Special Education Tutor, for Time4HomeSchool. Outside of teaching, I engage in freelance writing and theatre making.


I am deeply passionate about expanding access to the arts for all communities and identities, as well as reforming the current education system to include a more arts-based approach to teaching. After working as a full-time actor with Serenbe Playhouse this past year, I have shifted into actively pursuing a career in advocating for/ working alongside underrepresented individuals and underserved communities. I believe through introducing peer mentorship, community, and civic dialogue to children at an early age, we can build generations of innovative problem solvers, brave leaders, and empathetic human beings.


This upcoming year, I will investigate how to build students’ skills in CREATIVITY, EMPOWERMENT, and SOCIAL CHANGE via a virtual landscape. I also plan to apply for Graduate School programs that fall in the realm of Education Policy, Social Justice/ Urban Education, and Educational Leadership. I am currently in the planning stages of mounting a Virtual Theatre Troupe that takes student-written stories in the Metro Atlanta area and brings them to the screen- ALL for no cost to students, schools, or families to watch.

Click around to see my examples of my work, links to both my artist and teaching resumes, and an easy form for contacting me! Let's work together and create something amazing.


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Artistic and Educational


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Upcoming Projects
Available all summer 2020!
Summer School through Time4HomeSchool
Currently teaching Kindergarten and 5th Grade Sections through Time4HomeSchool. 12 weeks of INDIVIDUALIZED, HANDS-ON, and GLOBALLY-MINDED virtual instruction that enriches core subjects and expertly works with all abilities. Click RSVP to register/ learn more!

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